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About SETMA - Brandon Sheehan, RN
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Brandon Sheehan is currently SETMA’s Chief Inpatient Clinical Coordinator. Brandon is a registered nurse in the state of Texas and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. He completed his degree at West Texas A&M at the end of 1996 and completed state boards in early 1997.

His work experiences began in a rural West Texas as a charge nurse in a 22 bed hospital with 2 ER beds. Over the years Brandon has had experience in multiple settings that have included staff nurse, ER trauma nurse, nursing management, ICU, and Agency/travel nursing.

Brandon's introduction to SETMA was in early 2003 after being assigned to the group as a physicians’ liaison for the hospital. After working with them for a little over a year, he went to work for SETMA full time. This was the beginnings of SETMA’s Hospital Services Team. The team has grown much since then as we have learned what works and what does not. During the past years the concept of the hospital team grew, Brandon took an active interest in the aspects of this new approach early on. Interests like the staffing and scheduling needed to accommodate the growing practice. Soon he saw that it was not just managing the staff, but how the team could improve the process of recording the events of the hospitalization and the transition of care to the outpatient setting. It was because of the guidance of the partners of SETMA and their leadership that he has been able to develop and build this team. The Hospital Services Team began in 2003 with 4 nurses working with 9 physicians, as of 2015 we are 12 RN’s and 6 part time NP’s working with 24 physicians.

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