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The current complexity of healthcare delivery which requires management structure and organization not only to survive but to surmount and to succeed within this complex environment. For most business organizations, the terms of success are defined in hard numbers which are relatively easy to define. The complexity of healthcare administration is compounded not only by the process of healthcare delivery but by the fact that the product is intangible and often difficult to quantify. Concepts such as quality, which in the textile industry can be quantified by thread count and construction, are often imprecise and subjective in healthcare management.

In this context of modern healthcare, a management team which is creative, steadfast and flexible is required. At SETMA, the care given by our healthcare providers and the care received by our patients are under girded and sustained by the efforts of the management which is committed to quality, success and excellence. Both the Executive Management team and the mid-level managers they lead are the backbone of SETMA. Without them, SETMA could not grow and prosper. With this management team and those whom they lead, SETMA continues to improve its systems and its teamwork for the benefit of our friends and our patients.

Whether provider, patient or employee, SETMA's Executive Management team is here to make your life and your health better. Our goal and our delight is to serve you. Don't hesitate to let us know how you believe we can do that better.

Imtiaz Anwar M.D.

Muhammad Aziz M.D.

Richmond E. Holly

Jonathan Owens

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