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About SETMA - Partners
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Commonly, partner is associated with owner; while technically that is correct, for SETMA, the partners are more accurately the leaders of the team. It is they who envisioned an organization such as SETMA, and it is they who sustain and fulfill that vision with their passion, with their perseverance and with their example. Each partner, from the founders to the most recent, play a pivotal and critical role in the growth and development of SETMA. Not only do they take the financial risk of expanding the capabilities of SETMA, they also share their names and reputations with the organization.

Without the partners, there would be no SETMA. Each partner brings unique gifts and perspectives to their contribution to SETMA. And, the genius of our team is that the whole draws its strength from the parts. In each partner, SETMA finds its strength and fulfills its mission for the ultimate goal of each is the success and excellence of the other.

The partners of SETMA, welcome you. You are the reason for our effort. If your health and the health of your family are enhanced by your experience with SETMA, we will have achieved our goal.

The Partners -- the team leaders -- of SETMA

Imtiaz Anwar M.D.

Muhammad Aziz M.D.

Mary Castro M.D.

Caesar Deiparine M.D.

Dean Halbert M.D.

Girish Kansara M.D.

Vijay Kumar M.D.

Nhat Le MD

Vincent Murphy M.D.

Ronald Palang M.D.

Absar Ahmed Qureshi M.D.

Michael Paul Thomas M.D.

2929 Calder
3570 College
Mark A. Wilson Clinic
2010 Dowlen
2400 Highway 365
610 Strickland Drive
137 N LHS Drive

409-833-9797 888-833-0523

Office Hours: Monday through Thursday 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM and Friday 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
If you need information about your healthcare, you may contact us by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.