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EPM Tools - Progression to Diabetes - Obesity
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Fat Cells Promote Illness

  • Fat cells which are considered to be "ectopic," in the liver, muscle and around the abdomen produce numerous hormones.
  • These hormones promote inflammation, increased coagulation, hypertension and insulin resistance.
  • All of these processes are reverse by weight loss.
  • Dysfunctional Fat Cells - fat cells which do not respond to insulin. These cells become very active metabolically producing adipocytokine which are harmful to the body with one exception.
  • Dysfunctional Fat Cell Syndrome - insulin resistance, hypertension, accelerated atherosclerosis in type 2 diabetes and obesity, which are all the result of ectopic (visceral) fat accumulation with the production of adipocytokines.
  • Can dysfunctional fat cells be converted to healthy adipocytes? Yes. Triazolidinediones (Actos and Avandia) decrease intra-abdominal fat and increase subcutaneous fat increasing insulin sensitivity and decreasing bad adipocytokines.  In the case of Triazoidinediones, total body fat actually may increase but visceral fat decreases which is good and subcutaneous fat increases which is not bad.

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