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Governance Board - Chief Medical Officer
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The Chief Medical Officer is a member of the Governance Board, is a board-certified physician or Doctor of Nurse Practitioner and is responsible for reviewing:

  1. Clinical Decision Support tools
  2. Therapeutic Guidelines adopted by the practice
  3. Electronic Health Records quality including completeness, compliance with standards of care and appropriateness.
  4. Serving on the Executive Management Team which is a subgroup of the Governance Board and which is charged with carrying business of the practice between Governance Board meetings.

He/she institutes and helps in the organization of the medical staff and checks the activities of the medical staff according to the ethical principles and the overall policies. He/she also schedules meetings with medical and support staff to guarantee excellent patient care.

The CMO composes objectives and policies for medical program and relay these policies to the right staff.

The CMO suggests clinical objectives and partakes in the specification of objectives that are of the main concern for SETMA relating to the execution of care plan.

The CMO participates together with Human Resources, the hiring and meeting of medical staff and making sure of their credentials. They suggest the hiring or firing and other disciplinary actions of the medical staff for assessment and consent of the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operations Officer with the concurrence of the Governance Board.

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