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Governance Board - Chief Operations Officer
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The Chief Operations Officer is responsible for the development and management of SETMA’s cash flow and financial status.  He supervises the publication of a “daily cash flow report” which goes to all Governance Board members.  He/she is responsible to report to SETMA’s CEO and to discuss cash flow status and the over all fiscal soundness of the practice.

In consultation with the CEO and under the authority of the Governance Board, the COO reviews all contracts and recommends negotiations of all contracts before they are finalized.

Serves on the Executive Management Team which is a subgroup of the Governance Board and which is charged with carrying business of the practice between Governance Board meetings.

Negotiates SETMA’s partially self-funded employee health insurance program  which includes periodic review of the costs of that program making recommendations to the CEO and Governance Board for benefits and cost. 

The COO negotiates contracts for malpractice insurance and property and liability insurance programs.

The COO is responsible for

  1. SETMA’s Daily Cash Flow Report and Annual Budget.
  2. The direction of:
    1. The Director of Operations who supervises SETMA’s nursing and nursing support staff.
    2. The Director of the Central Business Office
    3. The Direction of SETMA’s Outreach Program to Nursing Homes
    4. The Director of SETMA’s In-House Reference Laboratory
    5. The Department of SETMA’s Accounts Payables
  1. The maintenance of all properties owned by SETMA and for relationships with the landlords of all properties leased or rented by SETMA.
  2. Meaningful Use compliance in collaboration with other SETMA leaders including the CEO, Director of Operations and CIO.

Unlike many organizations, SETMA’s COO is an integral part of SETMA’s Governance Board and shares the mission, vision and goals of the entire organization.  He/she meets with the Governance Board at least monthly.

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