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Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine 02/17/2017

Follow-up To Burdick Visit 1.24.2017 01/26/2017

The Good Ole Days 12/16/2016

Introduction to SETMA 11/11/2016

The Joint Commission Accreditation for Ambulatory Care and PC-MH 11/11/2016

November 10, 2016 Meeting to Discuss SETMA’s Model of Care 11/03/2016

American Board of Family Medicine TRADEMaRQ Reports - Telephone Conference 11/03/2016

22 Enlightening Quotes From World War II 11/03/2016

Complete Summary and Annotated List of All 24 Articles Discussing SETMA’s Work in Thinking About and Preparing for MACRA and MIPS 10/26/2016

SETMA's Automation and Model-of-Care Preparation for MACRA and MIPS 10/23/2016

Four Categories Defined by MIPS Correlate with SETMA’s Four Strategies for Transforming SETMA and Healthcare 10/08/2016

In 2000 SETMA Anticipated Four MIPS Categories 10/06/2016

SETMA: MACRA and MIPS - October 3, 2016 10/04/2016

MACRA and MIPS: An Analysis of the Final QRUR for the Full Year 2015 09/28/2016

CMS Quality Resource and Utilization Report (QRUR) data for 2015 for SETMA - Final 09/27/2016

The Requirements of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) 09/25/2016

MIPS Payment Adjustment in 2019 09/24/2016

CMS Quality Resource and Utilization Report (QRUR) data for 2015 for SETMA 09/24/2016

What is Post Acute Care? 09/22/2016

MACRA MIPS Where Does SETMA Stand 09/22/2016

MIPS September 2016 Advanced Care Information (MU) & Clinical Practice Improvement (PC-MH) 09/22/2016

MIPS September, 2016 Nursing Home Population – Pneumonia, Urinary Tract Infection, Dehydration 09/22/2016

SETMA's Prescient Preparation for MACRA and MIPS September 2016 09/21/2016

September 19, 2016 Letter From Ed Wagner Regarding Hypertension Treatment 09/19/2016

September 15, 2016 – Interim Administrator The Oaks, Beaumont, Texas 09/15/2016

PC-MH in Southeast Texas 08/12/2016

NCQA PC-MH Penetration As of 2014 08/12/2016

Fifty One (51) Years 08/07/2016

Introduction to the story of the visit, Chinese delegation, July 26-27, 2016 07/27/2016

From Gary Voydanoff-- NextGen executive -- June 14, 2016 07/14/2016

The Most Critical Issue in Healthcare Is Communication - June 1, 2016 - National Medical Malpractice Association - Press Release 06/01/2016

The Most Critical Issue in Healthcare Is Communication - June 1, 2016 – National Medical Malpractice Association 06/01/2016

Letter to Carlos Roberto Jaén, MD, PhD 05/27/2016

Response to Why I Reject The Model Presented at a recent Conference Posted to 05/24/2016

Maureen Bisognano's Response 05/23/2016

Dr. Steve Flink's Response to Conference Summary. May 21, 2016 05/21/2016

Transmittal Letter To Rejection Article With Concept of Healthcare Paternalism 05/21/2016

Reverend John Davis’ Response to Why I Left The Conference – May 20, 2016 05/21/2016

Why I Reject the Model Presented at a Recent Conference 05/20/2016

Bill Henrich's Response to Dr. Holly's Address to AAMC's OSR 1970 04/22/2016

A December 1971 Address to the AAMC was found in response to the Lamar University AMSA Chapter Meeting 04/21/2016

OSR Address December 2, 1971, Addenda Election, Auditorium, Distinguished Alumnus 04/21/2016

OSR Chairman Report to Council of Deans 1971 04/21/2016

Lamar AMSA Chapter Meeting April 19, 2016 04/19/2016

Appeal to Medicaid HMOs Regarding their “Personality Rule” for Payment of Claims March 3, 2016 03/03/2016

SETMA An Automated EMR Medication-Reconciliation Function March 2, 2016 03/02/2016

A Modest Proposal Regarding Automation of Medication Reconciliation 02/12/2016

Dr. Holly's Response to Kathleen Kimmel Note 02/10/2016

Response to my approaching induction (March 18, 2016) into the NSU Long Purple Line 02/09/2016

A Brief and Selected History of My Life With Northwestern State University (1918 – 2016) 01/28/2016

David Fulton Summary of SETMA's ePCS Efforts today including Auditing Capability - January 26, 2016 01/26/2016

Karen Kmetik's announcement of the AMA, CDC and Ad Council's Pre-Diabetes Public Service Advertising Campaign 01/23/2016

AMA Pre-Diabetes Program with CDC and ADA – Karen Kmetik 01/22/2016

December 15, 2015, Maureen Bisognano’s Response to SETMA’s Offer to CMS’ TCPI 12/15/2015

Cohen Letter “Did it again!” 12/11/2015

TCPI, Director, Center for Clinical Standards and Quality, CMS 12/03/2015

What I Offer to TCPI -- SETMA's website 12/03/2015

Disparities and Hope 12/03/2015

TCPI information which may be helpful to PTNs and SANs 12/03/2015

Contributing to the library required for the success of TCPI, December 2, 2015 12/03/2015

CMS' Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative, Response to December 1, 2015 Session in Baltimore, Maryland at the CMS Quality Conference 12/01/2015

November 21, 2015 Transmittal Letter of The Value and the Power of the Healthcare Team: Answering Dr. Amy Townsend’s Imperative 11/21/2015

The Value and the Power of the Healthcare Team: Answering Dr. Amy Townsend’s Imperative 11/20/2015

The Place and Spirit of Accreditation Activities for Improving Healthcare which is Sustainable 11/18/2015

Chinese delegation member, Eric Liu's November 14, 2015 Response to Dr. Holly's November 11, 2015 Response to Eric's November 12th letter to Dr. Holly 11/14/2015

November 13, 2015 Acceptance of Invitation to Address the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative at CMS December 1-3 Healthcare Quality conference 11/14/2015

November 12, 2015 Response from visitor from China Mr. Eric Liu 11/12/2015

November 12, 2015 Follow-up to Chinese Visit and the larger picture beyond healthcare 11/12/2015

Richard Cohen's November 11th response to SETMA's work with Chinese 11/11/2015

November 11, 2015 Follow-up to Second Chinese Delegation to SETMA and Future Plans 11/11/2015

November 10, 2015 Visit by Chinese Delegation of 5 -- their Presentations to SETMA 11/10/2015

Response to Alicia Caramenico ‘s Questions for FierceHealthIT interview on November 11th 11/09/2015

Baptist Chief Nursing Officer's Response to SETMA New I Patient Initiative - November 4, 2015 11/04/2015

November 3, 2015 - An Opportunity for growth, remembering and learning - out of conflict comes creativity 11/03/2015

Chinese Delegation From June 2014 Request Another visit November 10, 2015 10/30/2015

Follow-up to the MEC Meeting at Christus, Private Correspondence not for General Distribution 10/29/2015

Dr. Holly’s Comments to the Christus Medical Executive Committee 10.29.15 about Inpatient Healthcare Teams 10/29/2015

Note to MEC about Nursing Scope of Practice – Afternoon, October 27, 2015 10/27/2015

Follow-up Letter to Medical Executive Committee Baptist and Christus 10/27/2015

Letter to CMS Staff of April 23, 2015 ONC/CMS Joint Meeting Requesting Introduction to Person or Department to Discuss CMS Compliance with Physician Hospital Team Membership - October 27, 2015 10/27/2015

Brandon Sheehan, SETMA’s Director of Inpatient Care, Response to Dr. Holly’s Open Letter to the Baptist and Christus MEC And SETMA’s Plans for the Future Based on Performance in the Past 10/26/2015

An Open Letter to the Medical Executive Committees of Baptist Southeast Texas Hospital and Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital 10/26/2015

Texas e-Prescribing of Controlled Substance Outreach Planning Group 10/22/2015

ePrescribing of Controlled Substances Tutorial 10/22/2015

Summary and Conclusion to Bellue/Holly PC-MH Visiting Professorship - October 9, 2015 10/09/2015

The Joy of Medicine - The Imperative of Celebration:: The History of SETMA’s Preparation for and Journey to ICD-10 10/06/2015

David Tuller, Berkeley, Health Affairs, October 4, 2015, Renewed Prescription for an Old Remedy: Exercise 10/04/2015

Blue Cross Blue Shield - Allan Chernov - October 2, 2015 Risk Stratification 10/02/2015

Michael Fasher - Australia - Response to CMS’s Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative 10/02/2015

CMS’s Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative 10/01/2015

Amy Townsed, MD -- Scope of Practice Issues Not Being Discussed 09/23/2015

September 22, 2015 note from Amy Townsend and letter to her 09/22/2015

Dr. Amy Townsend, letter following Nursing Scope of Practice Meeting, September 21, 2015 Noon 09/21/2015

SETMA's letter with Inclusions sent to 105 Pharmacies About e-Prescribing 09/10/2015

SETMA Tools for e-prescribing controlled substances, pain management policy and Urine Drug Screens 09/04/2015

Hypertension Collaboration with the AMA 09/02/2015

Leigh Parker's Letter Delivered at 50th Anniversary Party 08/23/2015

Healthline -- The Power of Intelligent Health – Assessment of SETMA August 18, 2015 08/18/2015

Letter from Deputy Director of the Center for Remote Health Technologies and Systems at Texas A&M 08/15/2015

Music and Medicine – the Duke Endowment 2015 08/15/2015

UTHSCSA Grand Rounds SETMA's Automated Team 07/29/2015

Response to Texas A&M Request for SETMA’s Participation in Diabetes Program 07/16/2015

The Importance of Data Analytics in Physician Practice - Letter to Andrew Dillon, Dean Un. of Texas, Information Technology School 07/10/2015

Responses to my September 25, 1998 Testimony to the Texas Department of Insurance Commissioner’s Public Hearing - Distributed June 25, 2015 06/29/2015

June 27, 2015 Letter to Texas MGMA Executive Director Jill Sutton About Speaking Invitation 06/27/2015

Dr. Ken Shine’s Response After Reading Dr. Holly’s Testimony to Texas Department Insurance (TDI) Commissioner Public Hearing Concerning Physician Compensation, September 28, 1998 06/25/2015

Dr. Ken Shine's note to Dr. James L. Holly - Posted to website with Permission - June 19, 2015 06/19/2015

Penetration of PC-MH as of January, 2015 06/09/2015

June 6, 2015 Response to Invitation to serve as The Accreditation Navigator to the PC-PCC Work Group on PC-MH Standards and Accreditations 06/06/2015

Michael Kinne Star Medicaid Introduction to SETMA June 4, 2015 06/04/2015

Irene Woodruff Holly’s Succession 05/29/2015

Letter to Senator Ted Cruz May 20, 2015 05/20/2015

Letter to IASIS about SETMA and Victory Hospital May 19, 2015 05/19/2015

Comments on The Carolyn Bellue Holly Distinguished Professor of Teaching and Learning Endowment Announcement 05/14/2015

Response of President of Texas Health Institute to Preliminary Response to IOM Vital Signs Paper 04/30/2015

April 30, 2015 The IOM Report Measuring Vital Signs - A Preliminary Observation 04/30/2015

Letter to Dr. David Blumenthal, Commonwealth Fund, about the National Vital Signs paper from IOM 04/29/2015

Dr. David Nilasena CMO CMS Dallas Region April 28, 2015 04/28/2015

Conversation with Dr. Wild Chief Medical Officer of Atlanta Region of CMS 04/28/2015

CMS/OINC Health IT to Support ACO and Group Reporting" The Past, The Present, The Future 04/28/2015

Dr. Anwar, Dr. Wild, Fee-for-Servcie is Dead, Value-Based Payment Reform 04/28/2015

Chris Cheney -- SETMA and Value-based payment model curve 04/28/2015

“Health IT to Support ACO and Group Reporting” 04/25/2015

SETMA’s Solution for CMS and ONC Meeting on Health IT to support ACO April 23, 2015 04/23/2015

PC-MH Paul Grundy to Darren DeWalt and Dr. Holly to Pual and Darren April 19, 2015 04/19/2015

Medical Home News, Questions for “Catching up with Dr. James L. Holly,” May 2015 04/17/2015

Value-Based Payment Models, Questions for the Industry, Health Leader Media, Answers by James L. Holly, MD April 15, 2015 04/15/2015

Value-Based Payment Models, Questions for the Industry, Health Leader Media, Answers By James L. Holly, MD April 2, 2015 04/02/2015

President of NQF, Dr. Cassell, SETMA and Quality Metrics Philosophy, SETMA's Model of Care and Public Reporting 03/27/2015

Response to Dr. Holly's Presentation to Health Leaders Media's RevenueCycle Conference for Hospital Vice Presidents of Revenue Cycle, Austin, Texas, March 26. 2015' 8-9 PM 03/26/2015

Quality metrics to be fulfilled incidental to excellent care and not as the intention of care 03/23/2015

Letter of support for summer Externship at UTMB for Dominik Thomas March, 2015 03/20/2015

Letter of Commitment to Lamar University's Counseling and Special Populations Department's Application for the Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Grant March 18, 2015 03/19/2015

SETMA Letter to Long-term Care Administrators and Directors of Nursing March 17, 2015 03/19/2015

Dr. Michael Fasher, member of Australian team visiting SETMA, March 18-19, 2015, responding to SETMA 03/18/2015

Follow-up to Australian Physicians and Executive visit to SETMA March 18-19, 2015 03/18/2015

AAAHC Primary Care Task Force – Introduction of SETMA 03/03/2015

What Kind of People “Hang Out” in a Doctor’s Office January 29, 2015 01/29/2015

Response to Face Book Discussion about selecting a physician in Beaumont 01/29/2015

Farewell from MGMA Staff Writer 01/21/2015

Examiner – Vital Signs 01/09/2015

Comments on “Decision Health Performance Transparency The SETMA Performance Measurement Experience” presentation 12/18/2014

Response to Houston Business Journal's article about Universal American and SETMA in what they call a "heated debate" 11/18/2014

Houston Business Journal's Response and Dr. Holly's Answer 11/08/2014

Dr. Holly’s Response to Houston Business Journal November 6, 2014 Article entitled Why EMRs Won’t Solve Healthcare Problems 11/08/2014

Re-connecting - We met at Rippel Foundation Conference with Peter Senge in 2010 10/17/2014

Penetration of PC-MH as of September 30, 2014 10/03/2014

Beaumont Enterprise Healthy Beaumont SETMA 08/20/2014

Texas Health Champion Award Nomination 07/30/2014

American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation and SETMA 07/26/2014

SETMA Letter of Support 2014 07/25/2014

Concerns for the future of PC-MH 07/21/2014

ABIMF July 8th Response to Question About SETMA 07/15/2014

Response to ABIMF Request for Additional Information About SETMA 07/15/2014

4 PC-MH certifications. Completed in 12 months and one week, July, 2013 to July, 2014 07/12/2014

SETMA's Accreditation Team 07/10/2014

July, 2014 National Nurse Practitioner Symposium a Keystone Colorado 07/10/2014

Developing a Health IT Academy in the Heart of Texas Healthcare Informatics 06/20/2014

Texas A&M Health IT Academy Response to Healthcare Informatics 06/20/2014

Chinese Motivation for June 12, 2014 Meeting at SETMA 06/12/2014

Participants and Notebook Contents for Eight Member Chinese Delegation Visit to SETMA 06/12/2014

Transforming 21st Century Healthcare Through The Power of Electronic Patient Management 05/31/2014

Commendation Regard 2013 Commence Address at UTHSCA School of Health Professions 05/29/2014

The Joint Commission Telephone Survey of Joint Commission Performance May 15, 2014 26 Questions 05/21/2014

Five Year Old Chooses To Be A Doctor - Don't Walk By" - 38 Year Old To Join SETMA May 18, 2014 05/18/2014

Leadership: Character Traits Needed for Healthcare Transformation - The need for change by The Joint Commission 05/06/2014

Letter from Participant in the Primary Care Center Leadership Meeting May 5, 2014 05/01/2014

Carlos Rosende, MD, Letter in anticipation of Primary Care Center Leadership Group meeting, May 5, 2014 05/01/2014

UTHSCSASOM – Primary Care Center Leadership Group – Making Primary Care Profitable, April 25, 2014 04/25/2014

Letter from a Major Pharmaceutical Company Executive about Assessment of SETMA April 24, 2014 04/23/2014

Brundage Medical Group (BMG) introduction to SETMA
  1. Dr. William Brundage, Speaker on Documentation at Regional Medical Center, April 22, 2014
  2. Brundage April 23rd response to Dr. Holly's April 22nd note
  3. Dr. Holly's April 24th Note about Doctors being Case Managers
  4. Dr. Holly's note about SETMA's Hospital Performance

BTI Medical Home in Texas -- any further thoughts 04/22/2014

Questions from Susan Schooleman, Staff Writer for Medical Group Management Association (MGMA): in preparation for an MGMA Article about SETMA and Medical Home and James L. Holly, MD’s response 04/16/2014

IHI Always Events Transitions of Care Angela Zambeaux April 1, 2014 04/01/2014

Letter to NQF about Person Centered. Measures after introduction from Meaningful Use Medical Director. March 27, 2014 03/29/2014

Dana Rey NCQA Examining the Value Proposition of Emerging Therapies and Treatment Models for Obesity and Weight Management 03/21/2014

Joint Commission Surveyors Comments about SETMA 03/19/2014

Letter of a Desire to Rejoin SETMA 03/15/2014

Joint Commission March 7, 2014 Additional Thoughts about the Joint Commission 03/15/2014

Bridges to Excellence – Texas Patient-Centered Medical Home Project – Jessica DiLorenzo 03/10/2014

A Note from Mr. David Frank To Vijay Kusnoor, MD Cardiology, SETMA, LLP 03/01/2014

Patient Engagement & The Primary Care Physician: The Quest for the Holy Grail: A Patient-Centered Strategy for Engaging Patients 02/20/2014

Dr. Steven Bercowitz & Baptist Hospital of Southeast Texas: How Can Healthcare Providers and a Hospital Collaborate to meet the needs of both 02/17/2014

NCQA Interview February 14, 2014: Written Answers to Questions Submitted by Ashley Carter NCQA, Communications Specialist 02/15/2014

Correspondence with Amitabh Chandra defining people to whom we will and will not talk – Remaining a learner even after learning 12/23/2013

Letter of invitation from NQF to serve on Endocrine Standing Committtee 12/21/2013

Letter of Introduction to the NQF Endocrine Standing Committee 12/21/2013

Teaching Tool for PC-MH Course – Patient Care Activation, Engagement, Shared-Decision Making – Letter to Patient seen 12.8.2013 12/14/2013

An Appeal to CMS and ONC for a Temporary Exemption to Meaningful Use 2 12/07/2013

A Modest Proposal: A Systems Solution to Medication Reconciliation 11/19/2013

Honor to work with you & SETMA for the last ten years 11/10/2013

ABFM Research Project and Vice President’s response used October 15, 2013 training session 10/15/2013

Maureen Bisognano’s response to The Conversation Project 10/15/2013

Letter to NQF About SETMA’s Hospital Care Summary and Post Hospital Plan of Care and Treatment Plan: NQF’s Helen Burstin’s Response and ABFM’s Bob Phillips Sharing SETMA’s Work with CMS and AHRQ Leadership and His Judgment of the Potential Value of SETMA’s Work to NQF, CMS and CMMI 09/15/2013

Letter to Maureen Bisagnano, CEO of IHI, about SETMA’s The Automated Team and Maureen’s Response to SETMA’s Work 09/15/2013

Hospital Consumer Assessment Of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS)
  1. SETMA's approach to fulfilling the HCAHPS: Steps of action and SETMA's Video of our Care Transitions Process

  2. July 17, 2013 First Day of the HCAHPS Plan by SETMA

  3. The Relationship between convenience satisfaction and quality in HCAHPS

  4. Improving HCAHPS Scores for SETMA - A Disgusting Event and SETMA's Plan

    1. Improving HCAHPS Scores for SETMA - A Disgusting Event and SETMA's Plan - Rick Bryant's Response

    2. Response to SETMA's HCAHPS Program from SETMA's Director of Operations

    3. Response to 2nd Day of HCAHPS Project Joseph Bujak Trained in an Olserian Tradition

    4. Improving HCAHPS Scores for SETMA - A Disgusting Event and SETMA's Plan - Carolyn Holly's Response

  5. HCAHPS on weekend call July 20, 2013

    1. HCAHPS on weekend call July 20, 2013 - Joseph Bujak's Response

    2. July 23, 2013 Response to Joseph Bujak Shift Work, Shift Hospitalist, Team Hospitalist, Hospital Care Summary and Post Hospital Plan of Care and Treatment Plan

  6. Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS): Tutorial for SETMA's Internal HCAHPS Survey

  7. July 30, 2013 First Iteration of the COGNOS HCAHPS Audit

  8. SETMA's Internal HCAHPS Audit for the month of August

  9. SETMA's Internal HCAHPS Audit for 2013

Medical Home News July 1, 2013 Subscription Medicine
  1. Medical Home News July, 2013 Alex Tolbert's Top Three Obstacles to Better Primary Care

  2. Medical Home News July 2013 Response to Alex Tolbert's Top Three Obstacles to Better Primary Care

    1. Medical Home News Barbara Turner, MD Response to Dr. Holly's Critique of Alex Tolbert's Top Three Obstacles to Better Primary Care

    2. Response by YAI Chief of Mental Health Services NYC, NY July 3, 2013 to Dr. Holly's Critique of Top Three Obstacles to Better Primary Care

    3. Medical Home News Dr. Marvin Forland Response to Dr. Holly's Critique of Alex Tolbert's Top Three Obstacles to Better Primary Care

    4. Medical Home News Dr. Ronald Palang Response to Dr. Holly's Critique of Alex Tolbert's Top Three Obstacles to Better Primary Care

  3. Alex Tolbert's Reply to Dr. Holly's Response to Top Three Obstacles to Better Primary

  4. The Failure of Medicare and Market Forces

  5. Tolbert's July 17th Response and Question to Dr. Holly

  6. Making Unlimited Primary Care Available - Dr. Holly's Response to Alex Tolbert's question

  7. The Flaw in Subscription Healthcare, James L. Holly, MD, Medical Home News, August, 2013

SETMA's Transitions of Care Initiative to Reduce Preventable Readmissions Institute for Healthcare Improvement STAAR 05/31/2013

James L. Holly’s response to conference May, __ 2013 05/30/2013

2013 Commencement Address University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Health Professions By James L. Holly, MD 05/29/2013

Greater Houston Healthconnect Health Information Exchange Comes to Beaumont 05/29/2013

Discussion of Peformance Measures, Healthcare Payment Transformation and Private Practice 05/28/2013

The Fraud of Concierge Medicine 05/14/2013

Hospital Admission Plan of Care 05/12/2013
Example of SETMA's Hospital Care Summary and Post Hospital Plan of Care and Treatment Plan. (De-identified) 05/11/2013
Post Hospital Plan of Care and Treatment Plan 05/10/2013

Note to Dr. Holly from Staff Attending Care Coordination conference in Washington D. C. May, 2013 05/10/2013

Registered Nurse Texas Board of Nursing Scope of Practice 04/21/2013

Texas A&M University School of Medicine Institutional Advancement Alumni Stories of Success: Alan Leifeste, MD 02/21/2013

What tools are required facilitate the maintenance of a current, valid and complete problem list in the EMR? 12/31/2012

Management Philosophy of SETMA and Standard of Performance Measurement - August 27, 1997 12/08/2012

University to Texas Health Science Center San Antonio School of Medicine – 4th Year Medical Students and/or Family Practice or Internal Medicine Clinical Rotation 11/29/2012

Dr. Larry Leibrock – November 28, 2012 -- Follow-up to February 2000 Meeting in Austin 11/28/2012

UT Health Science Center Letter - Kenneth Kalkwarf, DDS, MS 10/12/2012

The dismissal of School of Medicine Dean, F. C. Pannill, M.D.
June, 1972 San Antonio Express News, Bob Dale editorial Cartoons

Visit to SETMA 05/03/2012

SETMA and the Future of Primary Care 03/01/2012

Dr. Dean Halbert nominates Dr. James L. Holly as a Distinguished Alumnus 01/30/2012

SETMA's HIV Screening Program Letter 10/01/2011

Dr. Bujak's response to Dr. Holly's presentation to North Idaho Health Network May 2011 05/01/2011

Letter of Transmittal for Support of Holly Distinguished Professorship - Universal American 04/01/2011

SETMA's Transitions of Care Letter to Don Berwick, Administrator of CMS 04/01/2011

HealthLeaders' The Doctor's Office for Carrie Vaugh December 10, 2010 12/01/2010

Joslin Martin Abrahamson Address at SETMA Affliate Inauguration 11/01/2010

Texas A&M Letter of Intent to participate in NIH Proposal October 9, 2010 10/01/2010

Coordinating Board Texas Higher Education DNP Letter in support of the DNP program 09/26/2010

Joseph Bujak's response to his visit to SETMA September 13-14, 2010 09/01/2010

NQF - Summary of Dr. Holly's Comments - September 2nd, 2010 09/01/2010

NQF - Summary of Dr. Holly's Comments - September 1st, 2010 09/01/2010

Cardiovascular Risk Calculators by Alan E. Leifeste 08/01/2010

Example of Patient-Centered Medical Home August 2010 Family Members Response to First Visit to SETMA 08/01/2010

Response to New England Journal of Medicine on Quality Metrics by James L. Holly, MD 08/01/2010

NQF National Priorities Partnership Care Coordination by James L Holly, MD 08/01/2010

If You Think There is Nothing Good in Life By James L Holly, MD 07/01/2010

AHRQ - Diabetes Ethnic Disparities AHRQ letter about ethnic disparities by James L Holly, MD 06/01/2010

AHRQ - Studies on Racial Disparities in Diabetes Care by James L Holly, MD 04/01/2010

Medical Home Magno CMS Question Medical Home Servicers Delivered by James L Holly, MD 03/01/2010

Christians and Muslims Response to 9.11, Two Years Later 09/11/2003

September 11, 2001 -- A Response 09/11/2001

An Additional Response to 9.11 -- Principles to Guide our Steps 09/11/2001

Healthcare Issues Facing Southeast Texas in the Twenty-first Century 08/01/2000

Description of November 28, 1998 Testimony to Texas Insurance Commissioner 11/28/1998

Historical Context of Dr. Holly’s Presentation to the Texas Department of Insurance Commissioner’s Hearing, September 28, 1998 09/28/1998

Testimony before Texas Department of Insurance Proposed Financial Incentive Guidelines Austin, Texas, September 24, 1998 09/24/1998

SETMA's Management Philosophy August,27th 1998 08/27/1998

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