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Patients - Patient Information
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Welcome to SETMA's Online Patient Services! This section is intended to offer you access to information:

  1. To improve your interactions with SETMA,
  2. To improve your health, and
  3. To allow your communication with SETMA securely via the Internet.
The Patient Information section will give you tips that will help make your visits with your provider easier and more efficient for everyone involved.

When You Call contains information about our phone systems and our continuing efforts to make communicating with SETMA as easy as possible.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities - this identifies the expectations you can have from SETMA and the expectations SETMA has of you.

What Does It Meant to You that SETMA is a Medical Home - this  defines the nature and functions of a medical home and how important it is to your health care

Soon, it will be possible for you to send the history of your current illness and other information to your healthcare provider, which will then be able to be placed in your electronic medical record. This will make your visit to the doctor more efficient and more effective.

These pages are encrypted using a 128 bit Verisign encryption certificate to ensure the privacy of your heath and financial data.

We hope you find this section adds to your positive experience with Southeast Texas Medical Associates, LLP!

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