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Senior Medical Student Externship - SETMA Provider Training 8.20.13 during First Senior Medical Student PC-MH Externship
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Today, we have our monthly provider training meeting. We close our offices for half a day.  The subjects we will address today are:

  1. HCAHPS - reviewed as a patient-centric approach in in-patient care.— audit is first attachment above - link to the develop process of this audit and project - began July 15th Completed July 30th --
  2. CAHPS - we will review the questions which our CAHPS vendor will use.
  3. “Have You Really Addressed Your Patient’s Concerns,” Carlos Roberto Jaen - a Patient-Centered Office Visit - How?  The following is the link to the power point for this part of the meeting today:
  4. “Patient Engagement” Health Affairs, February 14, 2013 - How to promote patient engagement -
  5. Health Affairs, Health Gaps, August 15, 2013. - SETMA has eliminated ethnic disparities in hypertension and diabetes - this is a broader view
  6. SETMA’s Automated Team, the logical extension of Clinical Decision Support, Patient Engagement, Activation and Shared Decision Making.  The following is the link to our Automatic Team Tutorial:

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