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Southeast Texas Medical Associates, LLP (SETMA) recognized as a National Model of Innovative Primary Care Practice 05/30/2013
Diabetes Exercise Tutorial 10/08/2012
Diabetes Prevention Tutorial 10/07/2012
Diabetes 09/23/2012
Active Management, Empowering Messages Allow Texas Group to Drive Steady HbA1c Reductions 09/13/2012
Critical Needs for Excellence in the Care of Diabetes 09/06/2012
Prevention of and the Screening for Diabetes - Part 2: Diabetes Prevention Program at SETMA 01/26/2012
Prevention of and the Screening for Diabetes - Part I: Insulin Resistance 01/19/2012
SETMA: Practices in the Spotlight Medical Home and Diabetes Care 04/07/2011
The SETMA Seven Stations of Success for Treating Diabetes
Address to the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative Stakeholders’ Workshop, March 30, 2010
Key Note Address, Inauguration Ceremony November 30, 2010
Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate at Southeast Texas Medical Associates, LLP
Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate at Southeast Texas Medical Associates 12/09/2010
Introduction to the Inauguration of the Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate at Southeast Texas Medical Associates 11/25/2010
The Visionary Founder of the Joslin Diabetes Center: SETMA's Pride and Promise 11/18/2010
Joslin Affiliates’ 20th Annual Meeting 11/04/2010
Diabetes Mellitus Type 2: How To Prevent the Disease 10/07/2010
Joslin Diabetes Center and SETMA's Diabetes Prevention Program 09/30/2010
Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate at SETMA, LLP and NCQA Diabetes Recognition Program 09/09/2010
The SETMA Model of Care - Diabetes - Precision Medicine, Quality Performance 06/03/2010
Data, Decisions, Directions:Creating in new breakpoint in the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus 01/01/2009
Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard University and The SETMA Foundation 02/28/2008
Judging the Quality of your healthcare provider's care of your diabetes 01/10/2008
Cardiometabolic Risk Syndrome Part III: Pre-Diabetes 12/14/2006
Cardiometabolic Risk Syndrome Part II: Insulin Resistance 12/07/2006
Summary and Comments Upon American Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Recommendations 2006 03/23/2006
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part XII - Insulin Resistance 09/15/2005
Less Initiative: SETMA's Initiative Confirmed by Medical Journals 03/22/2005
Diabetes Mellitus: Screening, Prevention, Care 02/10/2005
Medications: What Time of Day Should I take my medications? 12/30/2004
Diabetes: Preventing Diabetes Mellitus 12/16/2004
Beyond the Glycemic Index - The Glycemic Load 07/17/2003
Hyperinsulinemia: The Culprit in Many Maladies 06/05/2003
Glycemic: Insulin - Friend or Foe? 05/29/2003
Cholesterol, Hypertension, Diabetes: The Silent Killers 04/11/2002

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