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What is tertiary or third-hand smoke? Is it hazardous to your children and grandchildren? 07/14/2017
The LESS Initiative 04/06/2017
LESS Initiative Tutorial 10/07/2012
SETMA's LESS Initiative and AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange 06/23/2011
A Workshop: Leading for Health: Realizing Better Health, Better Care and Lower Cost Through Systems Leadership 03/17/2011
You Can Get There but you have to Walk - Part III - The Miracle of DNA Analysis in Changing Your Future 10/08/2009
10 ways to control high blood pressure without medication 01/29/2009
Rapid Heart Beat or Tachycardia 01/22/2009
The Miracle of DNA Analysis in Changing Your Future 08/28/2008
Reformation - Resolution - Restoration - Redemption 12/27/2007
Lessons Learned From a Tree: Principles of Change to Improve Your Health 11/15/2007
Quantifying Global Cardiovascular Risk: American Heart Association Statement 07/26/2007
Healthcare Policy and Hope 06/21/2007
Father's Day and Healthcare Policy: How Are They Related? 06/14/2007
Is America's Health Care System "Sick"? 04/19/2007
Address to Freshman Weekend 03/29/2007
Prescription Drug Abuse Part III - Texas Medical Board Rule 170 03/22/2007
Prescription Drug Abuse Part II Introduction continued 03/15/2007
Prescription Drug Abuse Part I Introduction 03/08/2007
Cardiometabolic Risk Syndrome Part XI - Healthy Eating: The Age of Nutrionism 02/22/2007
Cardiometabolic Risk Syndrome Part X: Inflammation Altered by Diet 02/15/2007
Cardiometabolic Risk Syndrome Part IX: Pro-inflammatory and Anti-inflammatory Diet 02/08/2007
Cardiometabolic Risk Syndrome Part VIII: C - Reactive Protein 02/01/2007
Cardiometabolic Risk Syndrome Part VII: Inflammation - chronic, low-grade 01/25/2007
Cardiometabolic Risk Syndrome: Part VI: Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor I 01/18/2007
Cardiometabolic Risk Syndrome Part V: Fibrinolytic Dysfunction 01/11/2007
Cardiometabolic Risk Syndrome Part IV: Endothelium Dysfunction 12/28/2006
Cardiometabolic Risk Syndrome Part II: Insulin Resistance 12/07/2006
Cardiometabolic Risk Syndrome Part I: Introduction 11/30/2006
Nostalgia for Smoking-days of Yore 10/26/2006
Summary of the 7Th Annual Gift of Life Health Forum: Smoking Cessation and Prevention 10/20/2006
Successful Weight Loss Using the Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load 10/13/2006
American Heart Association Recommendations for Exercise 09/14/2006
American Heart Association 2006 Revised Dietary Recommendations 09/07/2006
A Whimper - remembering the halcyon days of lead paint, asbestos, public smoking 08/04/2006
Aerobic Units and Calorie Expenditure Exercising for Your Heart 03/30/2006
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part XII - Insulin Resistance 09/15/2005
Smoking Ban Appeal September 4, 2005 Beaumont Enterprise Letters to the Editor 09/04/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part X - Psychosocial Stress 09/01/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part IX - Family History 08/25/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part VIII - C-Reactive Protein 08/18/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part VII - Combined Factors which Begin in Childhood 08/11/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part VI - Hypertension 08/04/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part IV - Smoking 07/21/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part III - Obesity 07/14/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part II - Sedentary Life Style 06/30/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part I - Introduction 06/23/2005
Less Initiative: Response to Letter to the Editor about Less Initiative Article 03/13/2005
LESS Initiative: Response to Beaumont Enterprise Article on the Less Initiative 03/08/2005
Hunger: Controlling Yours, How? 03/03/2005
Tobacco -- Appeal for Banning 01/13/2005
Health Improvement -- Beginning 01/06/2005
Diabetes: Preventing Diabetes Mellitus 12/16/2004
Less Initiative: SETMA 12/09/2004
Tobacco: Not Smoking but Inhaling 09/09/2004
Obesity: How to Beat It 09/02/2004
Obesity: Getting Rid of Fat; Why Is It So Hard? 08/26/2004
Activities of Daily Living and Exercise: Walking For Health 05/20/2004
SETMA's Exercise Prescription: Part II 05/13/2004
Exercise: It's Never Too Late To Start 04/22/2004
Physical Inactivity: The Consequences of Being a Couch Potato 02/26/2004
Healthy Eating: Comprehensive Plan for Your Life Part III 06/26/2003
Healthy Eating: Comprehensive Plan for Your Life Part II 06/19/2003
Healthy Eating: Comprehensive Plan for Your Life Part I 06/12/2003
Exercise: Something Is Better Than Nothing 10/03/2002
Eating Right for your Heart and your Health: Glycemic Index -- Fiber -- Calories -- Fats 09/26/2002
Health: A Matter of Choices for Good Health 09/19/2002
Heart Disease: Managing Cardiac Risk Factors 12/14/2000
Hypertension: Salt and Syndrome X 11/16/2000

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